About Us

We have merged our travel blog with our Decluttering the Stuff site/blog.  This site will no longer be updated.  Please visit us at Decluttering the Stuff!

This is a compilation of our travels throughout the United States.  Since both of us are teachers, we get the privilege of traveling during the summer months.  We feel truly blessed that we were able to share our love of adventure and the natural world with our children in such a unique way.  They might not have always enjoyed being gone most of the summer but they have so many unique memories!

We have traveled over the years with a tent, then upgraded to a tent trailer in 1999.  Imagine 8 weeks living in a tent trailer with a 12 year old and 14 year old!  We are including some aspects of those adventures as well.   We upgraded to our current means of travel in early 2006 (after kiddo #1 went off to college)

Our current home-away-from-home is a Class C Winnebago motor home affectionately named Winnie – not very creative but it is her name!  Our GPS unit is named Gladys.

The lists are incomplete as this is a work in progress. As things pop into the memory bank, we will enter it.

Our other blog about our decluttering adventure is here:  “Decluttering the Stuff

Barb’s genealogy blog is here: “Relatives – His and Hers


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