We have a new Winnie!!

We have replaced our class C Winnebago with a Class A Winnebago!  Old Winnie was 12 years old – we never had a problem with her but as we approach retirement, we thought we should consider a change in these last few years of full time income.


Hopefully we can pay off New Winnie before we retire!  John has committed to 3 more years and Barb 5 more years (then she hits the magic 30 year mark and about $900 more per month.)

Below are the floor plans of our new and old Winnebagos.  Not much different in layout.

Here are the feature changes we love!!

  • The new MH is 31 feet bumper to bumper.  Old MH was 30 feet bumper to bumper.
  • We now have a regular length queen bed instead of a “short” queen.  5 extra inches makes a huge difference!  No more pulling out the homemade extension at the end of the bed, pulling the mattress to the edge, and placing the foam fillers at the headboard!!
  • More space in the bathroom and kitchen area.
  • 😢 new MH has a smaller shower (25 x 30 versus 26 x 36). Thankfully we don’t shower every day in the MH.  If a place has a decent shower, we use it.
  • No more drying rod in the shower, but I think I can live without that.
  • More storage both inside and outside.  John is happy the outside storage doors don’t hinge at the top.
  • More closet space!   Here is the new vs old closet area (from online pics).  The old vanity wasn’t ever used.

  • A little more space in the living area.  2 of the table chairs fold for storage.  When it is just us, that will give us a little more wiggle room.
  • We still have the bed above the driving area.  The new MH overbed is powered so it is up against the ceiling unless you need it.  It is also about 9 inches narrower (48 inches wide, midway between twin and full whereas the old one was midway between full and queen).  We rarely had more than one person up there so we should be ok.)
  • Powered leveling jacks!!  Anyone who has played with leveling blocks knows how heavenly this feature is!
  • Powered awning with lights!






Day 4 – Bodie State Historic Park

Today we visited the Bodie State Historic Park.  (This was started just before Barb decided to test the theory of gravity hence the delay in posting!)


It is a ghost town (in arrested decay) in the middle of nowhere!  The 13 mile road from the 395 is now paved for about 10 miles.  We were very surprised to see this improvement.  The last time we visited, about 1 mile was paved and we ended up with a flat tire along the 12 miles of dirt road!

Our flat tire changing site and view of local mountains!

Bodie site of flat tire change

Cost is $8 per person.  Allow about 2 hours to wander the premises and visit the museum.  Guided tours are also available.

All quotes are from the guide book.  Pictures were taken by us June 2017.


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Day 2 – Acclimating to the altitude

Today was an easy day with short walks to allow us to acclimate to the altitude.  Rock Creek Lake is at 9600 feet above sea level and still has ice.  This is the most we have ever seen here at this time of year – we usually go up on Memorial Day weekend and it is usually ice free.

The campground we usually stay at nearby is still closed and not expected to open until June 20th.


Lunch next to Rock Creek near East Fork Campground.  Our favorite creek and lunch spot!



After lunch we drove to the town of Mammoth Lakes.  Along the way is the Mammoth/Yosemite Airport and the Hot Creek Trout hatchery.   We decided to actually drive up to the terminal.  They have one flight leave for Los Angeles every afternoon (after the flight from LAX arrives)


Some fish at the hatchery and a view from the hatchery of the mountains.


Mammoth Lakes Resort – Skiing is still happening in June!



Vacation Derailed

Our 6 week vacation lasted 4 days before “disaster” struck.

Barb tripped over her own feet on the evening of the 4th day.  Dislocated shoulder and trip to the ER was the excitement of the evening.

Here’s the initial x-ray.  Our niece replied “that don’t look right!”


We ended up coming home on the 6th day.  She just couldn’t handle the RV life with the amount of residual pain.  Besides that, follow-up appointments and physical therapy at our home facility will be more convenient and much less costly than paying out of pocket.

As a side note, we have a reputation of ER visits during vacations – kidney stones, broken arm, urinary tract infection, scratched cornea are just a few reasons for ER visits.

Pondering Our Location -Day 1 of Vacation – leaving Southern California

When people think of Southern California, they have many predetermined views of the landscape and people.

The only biome is “BEACH”.

Link for pic


Everything revolves around Hollywood, celebrities, and palm trees.

Link for pic


We only eat In-N-Out or organic hippie food (on the beach of course!)

Link for pic

As we traveled today, we progressed from an elevation of about 400 feet above sea level to about 9600 feet above sea level.

We never saw the ocean or beach.  We did see plenty of palm trees!

We didn’t eat In-N-Out today.  Lunch was fruit, crackers, and cheese while driving.

We passed through/along the following National Forests/Parks:
*San Bernardino National Forest
*Sequoia National Forest
*Coso Range Wilderness Area
*Kings Canyon National Park
*Sierra National Forest
*Inyo National Forest

We passed or were within a short drive to the following:  by the way, we have visited all but the actual peak of Mt. Whitney.
*Death Valley National Park (Lowest elevation in US at 282 feet BELOW sea level)


*Mt Whitney (highest elevation in contiguous US at 14,505 feet above sea level)

View of Mt. Whitney as we drive along the 395 near Lone Pine, CA

*Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway

*Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest (oldest non-clonal organisms in the world with some over 5000 years old!)


*Manzanar National Historic Site (Japanese interment camp.  John’s mom, who grew up in this area, remembers driving by it during WWII and not understanding why they were on the other side of a fence guarded by men with guns.)


*Historic US Route 66 – We have traveled this route so often over the years.


Link for pic



pics found on the internet:




http://www.historic66.com/pictures/copyright/us-map. gif




Visits to DC area (March and May 2017)

2 views of the US Capitol – Left is from N. Capitol St. NW and D St;  Right is from 6th St NW and Pennsylvania Ave (in front of The Capital Grille)


Saying in the National Museum of African American History and Culture – a Smithsonian Museum Contemplative Court.  It is a beautiful water feature with water entering from above.  Each wall has a saying – our favorite:

We are determined … to work and fight until justice runs down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.  Martin Luther King Jr. 1955



And a visit to Arlington National Cemetery with snow on the ground.  Here is a picture of the headstone for a cousin and his wife.

The Walking Dead – Alexandria and Woodbury

We are both HUGE fans of The Walking Dead, a television series based on a comic book series by the same name.  It is filmed in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  While on vacation, we took an afternoon to visit 2 well-known locations in the show.

“Alexandria” – the “town/community” outside of Washington, DC where the group ends up after attempting to get to DC.  Having spent a fair amount of time in the real Alexandria, Virginia region, we knew it wasn’t filmed there.  It is actual a small neighborhood in Senoia, Georgia.  “Alexandria” is a real community in Senoia.  The residents agree to have the walker wall in place – it’s probably for the best – can you imagine your neighborhood being overrun with crazy tourists???

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